About Calaix

Calaix is the Culture digital repository designed to store, preserve and provide access to digital material (such as documents in text, images, maps …). It is open to incorporate other digital collections in Generalitat of Catalonia Administration interest.

Calaix uses the protocol (OAI-PMH). It is explicitly designed to enable Internet search engines to locate and identify its contents, and maximize their impact beyond conventional web pages.


Calaix is a Culture project, promoted and managed by Cultural Heritage directorate and General Archive directorate, Libraries, Museums and Heritage. Technical infrastructure responsibility of the project has been commissioned to CSUC. The joint work Cultural and CSUC ensures that all digital material are accessible and properly stored.

Project Team

  • Sponsor: Cultural Heritage directorate and Cultural Cooperation directorate.

  • Coordination and Project leader: Anna Busom Arruebo/  

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Calaix plans to collect all documentary funds of interest to knowledge, research and dissemination of Catalan cultural heritage. But it is also open to other documentation related to other areas, as culture, economy … of Catalonia.

Our collections will increase in number, and existing ones will also increase its funds. We plan that next collection to publish will be:

  • Catalan sites planimetry

  • Cultural Property of National interest declarations


We are working on a document that presents the standards and protocols used to prepare this repository. This document may be of interest for units or organizations interested in participating in Calaix and also for the formulation of other projects.

Technical Information

Calaix is a service of the Ministry of Culture. The website, metadata and digital files are stored in CSUC. Consultation documents is guaranteed by the fact that they all have their own URL.


The metadata is stored in a central location. The various units involved in the project provide metadata databases that are converted to their own metadata model Calaix. This conversion does not involve any loss even through information is displayed differently. Indexing is done according to the AAT, Art and Architectural Theshaurus (Catalan version)

Digital Images

Digital images are passed to TIFF fixed following the established standards and protocols. TIFF images are used to create JPEG derivatives that are displayed on the website. The images are also available in miniature.


Copyright works accessible through Calaix are protected under the Creative Commons license and as indicated in paragraph Legal, for all those documents exclusive to the Government.

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